Randy Harrison

Randy Harrison is an integrated marketing strategist and since 2002, a member of the Adjunct Faculty of Marketing and Communications at Emerson College in Boston. He began his career in the late 70’s as an in-house agency for a concert production company in Boston that specialized in presenting artists across all genres to the 25+ audience, from classical composer Philip Glass to jazz icon Ornette Coleman, Nigerian superstar King Sunny Ade, and just about everything in between including Frank Sinatra, for a charity event that was used to build and launch a $ multi-million youth services program for inner city kids sponsored by Boston’s then Mayor, Ray Flynn.

“I didn’t know it at the time but I was applying an Integrated Marketing methodology before it had a name,” Harrison says. “You could call it a mix of direct response measured by daily ticket sales, using all the no-cost promotional tools we could find to get the reach and frequency needed to get job done with the limited financial resources that we had. Looking back, I’d like to think I was a marketing genius but the reality was I had no choice but to exploit any and all avenues together if the events were to have any chance of success, as so many did.”

Since then Harrison has expanded his reach into B2B in a variety of industries and services from educational publishing to high tech, e-Business and IT, and Financial and Consulting Services. He is the Principal of Marketing2 Win, a coaching/consulting firm helping organizations harness the power of positioning to engage the hearts and minds of their customers and prospects for improved business results, and also serves on the board of the American Marketing Association Boston Chapter.

Marketing2 Win: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Your Target Audience

What is core to marketing is positioning… in order to capture the logical mind AND the emotional needs of your customers and prospects.

This can happen when your organization makes the move to step inside the customers’ shoes and see your product or service through their eyes. Doing so gives you the outside perspective you need to translate your internal product expertise and competitor’s strengths and weaknesses into a compelling reason to buy that not only answers how you are different?, but also why should we as the audience care?

According to Marketing2 Win’s Randy Harrison, “Once these key questions are answered, you can then build a solid value proposition that will be able to cut through the clutter and overcome peoples’ filters to win their hearts and minds at the various stages of the product adoption lifecycle, no matter what tools are used to get the message across.”

“We have learned again and again that connecting these dots for your customers and prospects is the organization’s responsibility. Get it right and success is almost inevitable. Get it wrong, and success, no matter what media are used – traditional, online, or social networks – or amount of money spent, is a tough slog at best.”

“Remember Senator, then Presidential Candidate John Kerry,” says Harrison “and what he is most remembered for today?… war hero, articulate war critic, capable legislator, or… ‘flip flopper’ and you will know what I mean. So many organizations today leave this essential ingredient to chance, since by definition, positioning is forward looking and not data driven and therefore outside of our sphere of responsibility. In the end they pay a hefty price for not taking this step as the still now Senior Senator learned the hard way.”

Marketing2 Win helps companies navigate these uncharted waters to gain control of their integrated marketing communications strategy so they can position their products or services from strength as easy to buy and in doing so, achieve the business results they seek.


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